Dental Implants in Medicine Hat

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The dentists at River Dental in Medicine Hat, Alberta can use dental implants to replace your missing teeth, so you will not have to worry about unsightly gaps in your smile again.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants can be used as a single tooth replacement for missing teeth, fill the gaps in your smile, or provide denture stability and support.

Depending on each patient's case, we offer a variety of dental implant options that can be tailored to your needs.

The following is a list of some of the implant procedures performed at River Dental:

  • Single tooth implants, including titanium and zirconia abutments and screw retained crowns
  • Implant supported bridges, cement or screw retained
  • Implant retained dentures using titanium or gold bars with snap attachments
  • Screw retained hybrid dentures
  • All-on-4 dentures for the upper or lower jaw. The All-on-Four system is often known as “Teeth in a Day.”
  • Snap retained dentures using locator attachments or ball snaps

Your treatment options may be limited by the amount of bone in the area of the mouth where the implant needs to be placed.

Bone will shrink away as a result of not having a tooth in the area for a long period. Should this be the case, and implants are needed or desired in the area, then bone augmentation may be necessary.

What is bone augmentation?

Augmentation is a procedure done prior to or at the same time as the implant placement. Augmentation is designed to create adequate supporting bone for the implant and planned prosthesis.

There are many types of products used for augmentation. Today the most common involve using donor, bovine or man made products that stimulate bone growth in the patient’s mouth. These product are have been used in the medical and dental field for many years with strict guide lines for safety and efficacy.

Some of the new techniques like the All-on-4 were designed for patients who had minimal bone and did not want to undergo involved grafting, for example: of the upper jaw sinus.

Dental Implants in Medicine Hat: Are you a candidate?

To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, first you'll have to book a consultation at our office. This involves a brief exam and usually a 3D radiography to measure the volume of bone.

A River Dental dentist can help answer your questions and guide you in determining your treatment options.

Contact the team at River Dental about dental implants in Medicine Hat.

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