General Dentistry

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  • Root Canal Therapy in Medicine Hat

    Root canals are often needed if your tooth has developed, or is very likely to develop, an infection in its interior soft tissue.
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  • Sedation

    At River Dental, we offer a variety of sedation options to help make your dental visit a breeze.
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  • Children's Services

    We provide care for the whole family, and believe that teaching children good habits from a young age sets the foundation for a healthy smile in the future.
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  • Fillings

    A filling may be necessary to repair decay, if an old filling needs to be replaced, or if a tooth has cracked or been damaged.
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  • TMJ Treatment

    Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) can be caused by trauma to the area, wear and tear over time, or poor habits, such as teeth grinding or clenching.
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  • Hygiene

    We recommend a general hygiene check up two times per year to help maintain your oral health.
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  • Healthy Gums

    Our dentists can help you maintain healthy gums and prevent gum disease, a significant cause of tooth loss in adults.
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