Dr. Lydell Wenzel

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Medicine Hat Dentist Dr. Lydell Wenzel graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1982.

Upon graduation, Dr. Wenzel joined River Dental as an associate and general practitioner and a few years later became a partner. Early in his professional career, Dr. Wenzel had a special interest in orthodontics.

General dentistry remails his passion including all fields of the profession including aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, crowns and white fillings, root canals, implants, and wisdom teeth removal. Many procedures will involve electric oral sedation. Experienced general dentistry gives patients options in their treatment decisions with referrals only when necessary.

Dr. Wenzel met his wife Roberta in Saskatoon. They have two grown children. Their daughter Dr. Eryn Comeau is a dentist at River Dental and her husband Dr. Ryan Comeau is the owner of the Chiropractic clinic called the  "Kinetic Centre". Ryan and Eryn have two daughters. Lydell and Roberta's son Dr. Michael, also a dentist, is married to Natalia and they have a son.

Dr. Wenzel has diversified interests outside the dental office. Golf has always been a "love to do" activity and Dr. Wenzel loves pursuing the details of the game. Other interests include tennis, biking, and spending time with his family on family vacations.

Dr. Lydell Wenzel, Medicine Hat Dentist

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