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DENTIST CHECK UP - What to Expect when Going to the Dentist!

DENTIST CHECK UP - What to Expect when Going to the Dentist!

Dentist Check Up - WHAT TO EXPECT when you get your teeth Checked!

Welcome back everyone! Today we’re talking about check ups at the dentist! What should you expect?

There are three steps to your check-up with a dentist. We’re going to go over each in detail, so you know exactly what you’re up against!

Step 1) Arrival and Paperwork

Once you’ve arrived to your dentist’s office, you will most likely fill out some paper work so the team there knows everything about you that can make a difference in treating you best. This includes a detailed medical history, so be prepared to divulge all your allergies, hospitalizations and current medications. It’s all important!

Step 2) X-rays and Examination

After you’re all done with the paperwork, the dentist’s assistant will come and greet you, and you’ll get started with the x-rays (+/- dental photography). Typically, digital x-rays are the most common type, and advances in technology have allowed digital x-rays to be incredibly low dose with respect to radiation. Always a bonus! The x-rays usually take about 10 minutes, and the number required can vary from patient to patient. Then, the dentist will review your x-rays and then come and perform an examination of your head, neck and mouth. This usually takes another 5-15 minutes, depending on the case. The dentist will use a mouth mirror and a flexible metal instrument called an explorer to assess for cavities. Beyond that, the dentist also assesses for gum disease, bite issues, and any smile problems that might trouble you.

Step 3) Consultation and Treatment Plan

After the dentist has gathered all the data he or she needs, they will go over it with you in detail and explain any oral health problems you might have, or risks to your teeth/gums you might not be aware of. If there is a lot going on, sometimes the dentist will schedule a second appointment with you which is dedicated to consultation in a more appropriate setting. After the problems are understood, the dentist will then discuss different treatment options on how to deal with those problems.

BONUS STEP) Sometimes, in an ideal world, you’ll even have your teeth cleaned on the same day you have your check up booked! This is awesome, because it allows the dentist to see more clearly should there be any tartar in the way, and more data regarding the health of your gums can be collected by the hygienist.

There you have it! What to expect when going to the dentist for a check up. Simple, right? If fear of what might be going on in your mouth is holding you back, remember that small problems are always easier to deal with sooner than later. If you deal with concerns such as cavities early, both your mouth AND your wallet will thank you; a simple filling is a WHOLE lot better than a root canal and crown.

You can see a bit of what we check for in this short video here:

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Michael the Dentist

Dr. Michael Wenzel is a Dentist, Wedding Filmmaker and Aspiring YouTuber from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Michael loves technology and practices dentistry exclusively through surgical operating microscopes. He and his wife Natalia own a wedding photography and filmmaking company named Follow the Hope.

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