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How to Use an Electric Tooth Brush

How to Use an Electric Tooth Brush

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush

Welcome back everybody! Today we’re learning how to properly use an electric toothbrush.

The good news? It’s easy!

Most of you have probably been exposed to the following toothbrushing technique debate:

Gerry: -“You should be scrubbing in little circles!!” 

William: -“Don’t listen to him - the wiggle n’ sweep technique is the BEST!!”

Gerry: -“You’re scrubbing too hard!!” 

William: -“Balderdash!! You’re not scrubbing hard enough!!”

Gerry: -“You should brush for at least 2 minutes!”

William -“Gerry's as slow as a turtle stuck in molasses. If you’re not dilly-dallying, you can be done in under 30 seconds.”

(If you're wondering who Gerry and William are, they are two 80-90 year old gentlemen who have been best friends for pretty much forever. They were both stationed in West Germany during the Cold War and fell in love with the same German school teacher; while they both have mild dementia now, they still enjoy each other's company and often debate the best way to do the simple things in life. I really like them. Also, I just made them up.)

I digress. Electric toothbrush technique bypasses the senseless debate and simplifies EVERYTHING. Here are the essentials:

Step 1) Turn on the electric toothbrush (Duh).

Step 2) Angle the toothbrush bristles a bit towards the gums, put the brush on the border between your tooth and your gums, and let the toothbrush do the rest. For the biting surfaces, simply move the brush to make sure it touches every little nook and cranny.

Step 3) Touch EVERY SINGLE SURFACE of EVERY SINGLE TOOTH in your mouth, including the gum line and the biting surfaces. Imagine your teeth are coated with a highly dangerous acid that threatens to dissolve your enamel, and the only way it will come off is to touch it with your electric toothbrush.

Step 4) Most electric toothbrushes run for 2 minutes. This is how long it should take you to finish cleaning your teeth - 1 minute on the top (cheek side, palate side and chewing side) and 1 minute on the bottom (cheek side, tongue side and chewing side).

Step 5) Charge your electric toothbrush so it’s ready for the next time!

There you have it! 5 easy steps on how to use an electric toothbrush. Now you’re ready to kick cavity causing bacteria where it hurts.

Happy hunting :)

Michael the Dentist

Dr. Michael Wenzel is a Dentist, Wedding Filmmaker and Aspiring YouTuber from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Michael loves technology and practices dentistry exclusively through surgical operating microscopes. He and his wife Natalia own a wedding photography and filmmaking company named Follow the Hope.

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