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Why Dentists Fill Baby Teeth

Why Dentists Fill Baby Teeth

Why the heck should I fill my kids' baby teeth? They're gonna fall out anyways!!

It's a great question. Who cares if a child's tooth falls falls apart a little bit; an adult one is right underneath!

Sometimes, "right underneath" can translate to "5 years under the gums" depending on the age of your child.

If an eleven year old came to me and we discovered a small cavity during a check-up, often times I'd be inclined to leave it be; that tooth should be lost soon with the permanent adult tooth right behind.

But what happens when your child is younger, and will have his baby teeth for another half decade or so? 

"Having a little cavity is like being a little bit pregnant - give it weeks, and it will grow. Give it months, and it will be excruciating"

While the pain of child birth is honorable and promises the reward of new life, the pain of a toothache births only suffering, infection, or an emergency appointment with the dentist. If we let cavities grow in our children's teeth, we put them at risk for toothaches, abscesses and even face infections. When a dentist fills a baby tooth, the cavity and associated bacteria are removed, and a filling seals the tooth against would-be invaders. Once successfully completed, we no longer have to worry about that cavity causing so much grief in the child's life.

So there you have it, that's why we fill baby teeth :) If you'd like to see HOW we do it, just click the video above ;)

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