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Fixing Your Teeth is Expensive Enough... Stop Wasting Cash Needlessly at the Dentist (Part 1)

Fixing Your Teeth is Expensive Enough... Stop Wasting Cash Needlessly at the Dentist (Part 1)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for tuning in for this week's Two Minute Tuesday :) It's 11:04pm as I write this, so I better get finishing this blogpost before it's officially Wednesday morning.

Here are 5 ways to cut down on your dental spending in 2019. Paying the dentist is the worst feeling, especially because he probably gave you a needle, drilled something out of your head, and then handed you a bill for at least a few hundred dollars. What fun!

...I digress.

Here's tip 1. It's slightly counterintuitive.

TIP 1 to Save money on DENTAL! - Give money to your Dentist (but just a little bit)

THE IRONY!! Going to your dentist regularly allows small problems to be caught early. Let’s say your dentist finds a cavity on your upper right molar. Having it filled may cost a couple hundred bucks, it’s true. But what’s the alternative? What happens if you hadn’t seen your dentist… Spoilers! That cavity is gonna turn into a toothache. Probably when you’re on holidays. Without travel insurance. And It’s Sunday. And the local hospital looks like a series of tents and huts with a make-shift witch doctor as the chief of Medicine. And if you survive the rest of your trip, getting it fixed back home is gonna cost ya. BIG TIME. Prolly a RCT and full coverage. That’s dentist speak for a root canal and crown. So bottom line… see your dentist regularly, and let him deal with small stuff while it’s small.

Here comes TIP 2! Are you ready for it?
Invest in a Good Fluoride Rinse!

This stuff can really save the green stuff in your wallet. But don’t be cheap and buy the no name brand version! That’s okay for ketchup chips… but when it comes to medicinal mouthwash, treat yourself and splurge on the fancy stuff. 
I had one patient who was treated for cancer, and the side effects of his therapy left him with SEVERE dry mouth. He started getting cavities left right and centre. Without the saliva to protect his teeth, they were vulnerable to acid attacks. After we realized this was taking place, we got him on this stuff and it was like freaking magic. His last check up, he was cavity free! When fluoride becomes incorporated into the structure of your teeth, it’s as if you’ve given them a suit of armor. While they can still get hurt, they’re much more resilient to acid attacks throughout the day. My favorite brand is the x-pur 0.2% NaF Fluoride Rinse (it's a green bottle).

Tip 3 is critical... it's..

OH MAN! Our two minutes are up. I guess I gotta leave you in gut-wretching suspense until the next instalment of this series... I'm pretty sure I have like 2 or 3 "part 1's" going on right now that I eventually have to finish. But you know what?! I promise I'm gonna finish this one next week! 

...OR! If you're really curious and can't handle the cliffhanger I just dropped on ya, you can check out my youtube video which covers all 5 tips in great detail :)

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