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What are the parts of a dental implant?

Your dentist might have recommended a dental implant to replace missing teeth, but have you ever wondered about the parts and process that will work together to help you feel comfortable living with an implant? Today, our Medicine Hat dentists discuss the main parts of a dental implant.

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How Much Will My Teeth Hurt When Using Invisalign Clear Aligners?

In this post, our Medicine Hat dentists explain why your teeth may hurt a bit during treatment with clear aligners, and what you can do about Invisalign pain.

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What is it like living with dental implants?

If your dentist has recommended you get a dental implant, you're likely wondering what it will be like living with one. Our Medicine Hat dentists explain some of what you can expect day-to-day.

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Clear Aligners & Their Value

If you’re seriously considering straightening your smile with clear aligners, you may be wondering if you’ll get the value you deserve, and if the cost is worth it. Today, our Medicine Hat dentists explain what you may want to take into account when thinking about choosing aligners.

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Do dental implants look natural?

Are you considering replacing missing teeth with a dental implant? You may be concerned about whether your implant will look natural. Today, our Medicine Hat dentists address this question.

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Eating with Clear Aligners: The Complete Guide

Because clear aligners are removable, you’ll enjoy not having dietary restrictions during your treatment. But today, our Medicine Hat dentists explain some other things you should know about eating and drinking with clear aligners.

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Dentures vs. Dental Implants

When the need to replace lost or damaged teeth arises, patients in Medicine Hat have a few options: two of the most popular are dentures and implants. Today, the dental team at River Dental discuss the different pros and cons of these two options.

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The Science Behind Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners

We know that many adults and teens opt to undergo orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, but have you ever wondered about the science behind this popular option? Our Medicine Hat break down the scientific reasons clear aligners are so effective at helping to straighten smiles.

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Do dental implants feel like natural teeth?

Dental implants look like natural teeth, and they also feel like them to some extent. Here, our Medicine Hat dentists describe the similarities and differences.

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Can Clear Aligners Fix an Overbite?

Our Medicine Hat dentists are often asked if overbites can be fixed with clear aligners. The answer is yes, but first, we need to understand what an overbite is, why it should be fixed and what the process entails.

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